Healing power of singing

Releasing your voice helps to free your soul. Everything in the Universe is made of vibrations, frequencies...

Collaboration in Ibiza Spirit Festival

My devotional work

Singing group or private sessions

During this magical and intense session you will be guided to listen to your own voice to create a deep connection with your inner space and create harmonies on many levels through free singing.
Sessions in Etamanel.
English, spanish and italian speaking.

Voice’s workshop

Four hours of workshop in wich you can experiment with your voice.
-introduction of Naad Yoga
– sing and vibrate a mantra
– free chanting
-releasing emotions
– compose your own song
– new ways of communication
with a group


Voicework Intensive is a process of discovery of the voice through releasing of bodymind tension, and playful exercises that reveal the true poetic beauty of the authentic self…
English, spanish and italian speaking.

About Aura Ananda

I was born in Italy and I have been living in ibiza for 26 years. I have dedicated my whole life to research and study of the voice and the singing.
I was the lead singer in different contexts, bands and ensamble. I like to think how my singing started as free and spiritual and how I approached studied different styles and techniques (from jazz, to blues, to soul, to ethnic) and how I returned to the spirituality of voice and the singing more deeply thanks to Naad Yoga (yoga of sound). I have collaborated with several excellent musicians in the ethnic fusion , blues and jazz forming various ensembles and concerts on the island of Ibiza and in Europe.

And then over the years the need to share my techniques and my experience with other people began and so in 2010 I started to offer courses in curative singing group Deepening my studies on the benefits of the voice, I approached various techniques such as harmonic singing and Naad Yoga (yoga of sound and vibration). Combining various techniques and styles of approach to singing I have finally mastered what is my method of facilitating and making possible free singing on the healing level, both from a vibrational, meditative, curative and creative point of view.

Currently still living on the island of Ibiza where I love living and exercising my activity.


  • Aura Ananda is an incredible, powerful and intuitive person. I'm so grateful for having the chance of meeting her on my path... For me she is really a facilitator of heart and expression. The sessions with her are amazing, a true journey of sharing with the voice what is inside you, what is you. When you begin you just want to continue, more and more. With Aura all is about joy, sharing and listening the other. I highly recommend!!

    Enza Chaffron
  • Mi experencia con Naad yoga a sido un resurgimiento a mis entrañas a traves del acompañamiento de Aura. Gracias a su gran talento de despertar una gran herramienta como es la voz...a echo que pueda conectar con mi voz haciendo que mi propia vibracion entre en comunion conmigo para poder seguir caminando y expandiendome de una manera muy armonica y amorosa. Recomiendo absolutamente su presencia y acompañamiento! Gracias Aura!

    Maria Rodriguez Cortina
  • Hace años, en la India, encontré una profesora que me transmitió el canto a través de la emoción, la apertura y la conexión con lo más profundo de mi. Durante tiempo no encontré nada igual. Nada hasta que Aura Ananda se cruzó en mi vida, por pura sincronicidad. Supe, sin ni siquiera hablar con ella, que entendía el canto igual que yo. O más bien que yo lo entendía igual que ella. A mi el canto me Sana. Me limpia, me reequilibra y me conecta. A través del canto me conozco y me libero. Gracias al canto me observo, me escucho y aprendo a escuchar. A través del canto mi alma habla. Buscaba una alma que oyera ese susurro reprimido y herido que rugia por dentro y quería gritar para ser oído. Buscaba una Artista que sintiera la música como lo que es, el lenguaje del Alma. Buscaba alguien que me ayudara...y sin duda ese alguien es ella. La que ha despertado esa Luz que todos tenemos dentro y solo hace falta aprender a soplar para que se expanda! Esa es AURA IBIZA. Gracias !!!!!!

    Anita Pistri
  • The amazing workshops of Voice opening of Aura have been a real source of knowledge for me since a year now. She has the gift of make you feel confortable with yourself to open your heart. She create a save spiritual space where I was able for the first time to open and listen my voice and actualy love it! I start to sing sounds that I could never imagine to be able to do. I will share this sacred time with her again and again because she is an incredible singer and voice opener; and also an beautiful woman and a dear friend. Muchas Gracias Divina

    Zia Zeff

Upcoming events

Ibiza Spirit Festival

find me in  the chill out area.

Singing circles and Naad Yoga

Every friday
From 11.30 to 12.30 am

Price list and packs available

Group sessions in Etamanel

Every friday Indoor group sessions for one hour at Etamanel Center In Santa Eularia Time 11.30 am

20€ drop in
65€ for a group of 4 sessions

Individual classes

Individual classes at my studio in the nature :

30€ one hour session
100€ for 4 sessions

Personalized session

Working on a deep level of realignment

75€ for one and half hour session

Group Workshops

100€ for 4 hours

Group sessions in nature

20€ one hour

One day retreat

8 hours retreat between the countryside and magic spots on the island

150€ with food included